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Our Fonds

  • ➣ Asset-managing multi-asset fund
  • ➣ Equity ratio min. 25%, max. 75%
  • ➣ No benchmark and high flexibility


  • ➣ Globally investing equity fund
  • ➣ Focus on promising sectors
  • ➣ Weighting of individual segments as well as
  •      sub-segments with subsequent global
  •      stock selection



  • ➣ Globally investing bond fund
  • ➣ Usually no currency hedging
  • ➣ No benchmark


  • ➣ Global investing equity fund
  • ➣ Benchmark: MSCI® ACWI ESG Screened NR (EUR)

Investment approach

  • Differentiated economic analysis
    Based on a model that has been successful for many years with strict minimum economic criteria, our internationally experienced team permanently analyses the global economic situation.
  • Identification of future markets and selection of sectors
    Our investment focus is directed globally towards the economically strongest markets and those sectors with the highest growth potential. In particular, we expect the highest growth rates in the coming years for equities in the technology, renewable energy, storage technologies and health sectors.
  • Systematic weighting of asset classes and currencies
    Good results can only be achieved through the correct weighting of asset classes and currencies. The quotas are continuously monitored and adjusted to the current market situation in a permanent, dynamic process.
  • Optimised selection of individual securities
    In generating ideas, the portfolio management pursues a clear stock-picking approach. Both internal quantitative and qualitative research as well as direct personal exchange with potential target companies serve as the basis for the composition of our investment universe. Here, priority is given to companies that have a sustainable competitive advantage due to an exposed position in the value chain.

Portfolio manager

Many years of experience, innovative ideas and comprehensive expertise in the global capital markets form the basis of our investment success.. 


         Willi Ufer 

  •  Main responsible for the DUI Value Finder since 2016
  • ➣ Graduate in business administration
  • ➣ Co-founder and Managing Director of Wertefinder VV from 2009 - 2019
  • ➣ Commerzbank Head of Global Trading (equities, bonds, foreign exchange, derivatives, commodities)
  • ➣ Management of a pension fund and a 2 billion € fund of hedge funds
  • ➣ Studied business administration in Cologne and Philadelphia
  • ➣ Investment banking at Deutsche Bank
  • ➣ Partner at HSBC Trinkaus (trading and treasury)
  • ➣ Shareholder and from 2019-2021 member of the board of FV Frankfurter Vermögen AG
  • ➣ Independent asset manager for over 10 years


        Jürgen Brückner 

  • ➣ Main responsible for the DigiTrends since edition
  • ➣ Graduate economist
  • ➣ Co-founder and managing director of Wertefinder VV from 2009 - 2019
  • ➣ 25 years of asset management at Deutsche Bank and Dresdner Bank, GF Deutsche Bank, Moscow
  • ➣ Management of a Japan. Mutual fund (500 million €)
  • ➣ In Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Moscow and Madrid, various functions in derivatives and bond trading.
  • ➣ Independent asset manager for over 10 years

         Angel Jiménez Sánchez

  • ➣ Mainly responsible for FV Global Bonds since edition
  • ➣ Mathematician
  • ➣ Managing Director at Wertefinder VV 2015, Credit Risk Manager at Santander Bank
  • ➣ Risk management at Dekabank and Santander Bank
  • ➣ Studied mathematics in Madrid and Heidelberg
  • ➣ Financial Risk Manager (GARP)
  • ➣ Member of the Executive Board and shareholder of FV Frankfurter Vermögen AG since 2019

         Yusef Shadid

  • ➣ Bachelor of Wirt. Ing.
  • ➣ Current Master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management 
  • ➣ Junior Portfolio Manager since March 2022