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Your way with us

Our guiding principles

Freedom and responsibility instead of constricted guidelines - that is what characterizes our philosophy.

With us, you can freely grow into a role that interests you. You don't just look over the shoulders of others, but are actively involved in the project. Challenges and problems are solved as a team. This not only leads to a familiar workplace culture, but also provides each individual with more knowledge and experience.

"What's important to us is basically interest and responsibility in and at work, and that everyone does a good job that they like at the end of the day."



Uwe Eilers,
Board of Directors

three career paths

There are three different career paths at FV Frankfurter Vermögen AG:

Classic Portfolio Management, Wealth Management and Institutional Sales.

If you are not yet sure which area suits you best, we also offer a trainee program (6 months) in which you rotate through all three departments. There you can get to know the focus of the activities better and see in which of our teams you fit best.

Junior Portfolio Manager

As a junior, you usually join us directly after your studies. You support our portfolio management and are expected to do one thing above all - learn.

Portfolio Manager

The interaction between research and management - that's what counts! You constantly expand your skills in both areas and gain valuable strategic experience.

Senior Portfolio Manager

As a portfolio manager with many years of experience, you always make sustainably good decisions based on your deep thematic know-how as well as your extensive experience in management and are solidly positioned for any situation.