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Pension obligations

In the past, pension obligations were frequently entered into for employees and executives. In many cases, a fixed pension amount was promised, in some cases even indexed. The capital required for this was calculated on the basis of known long-term interest rates. In many cases, the 6% interest rate prescribed by law as the basis for calculation was adopted by the companies.

Due to the massive drop in interest rates to 0%, all previous calculations are no longer valid.

In order to achieve sufficient reinsurance, the capital must usually be doubled.
Pension obligations cause some difficulties for many entrepreneurs.

How we support you:

We prepare for you the provisions to be expected in the coming years and the assets to be built up to meet the pension obligations in the long term.
In addition, we analyze the contracts that have been concluded with your managers and employees.
If possible, we work out possible solutions to defuse the "bomb" of pension obligations.
This applies to existing old commitments, but also to new contracts to be concluded with employees and managers.

Your company can thus be relieved financially in the long term, without the attractiveness for new employees and executives suffering!

Plan your pension obligation now! Simply contact us without obligation.

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Uwe Eilers
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