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Our consulting process

Initial interview

In the initial meeting, we first want to understand your needs. In this context, it is not excluded that we need some information about you. Of course, we also have an interest in getting to know you personally. After all, it is about you and not about John Doe. Without this knowledge, a sensible consultation would not be possible. The better you, the customer, prepare for this initial meeting, the more effective and efficient this appointment will be for you. The following checklist will provide you with guidance. Bring the list and the documents named on it with you to our agreed appointment. According to our experience, the free initial meeting lasts about 90 minutes.

Target planning

During the goal planning phase of our initial meeting, you define your desired goals. It should be noted that financial planning has a lot in common with planning a trip. Think about the destination of your journey (e.g. 1,000 euros monthly pension) and when you would like to get there (by the age of 67).
However, you may also have intermediate stops (e.g., buying a property or educating your children) that you would like to reach on your journey.


This step involves determining your current financial status. Existing savings contracts, accounts, investment funds or insurance policies are recorded and compared with regard to your financial goals. The quality of the products is examined, as well as the costs and the general suitability for your desired wealth goal. Your complete asset status is recorded in the form of an asset balance sheet. This consists of a comparison of your assets with your liabilities and an overview of your insurance policies.


Financial planning

The result of our financial planning is a detailed financial and performance statement. It will subsequently help you answer the following questions:

  • How well are your finances currently aligned to achieve your goals and aspirations?
  • Where are there still short- and long-term financing and provision gaps?
  • Is there sufficient liquidity?
  • In what areas is there underinsurance or possibly overinsurance?
  • Are there risks in the composition of the assets ?

We discuss these questions with you and suggest optimization and adjustment options, which can then be implemented together.


In the implementation phase, we select the appropriate solutions for you to achieve the goals you have set. In doing so, we act independently of product providers in the interests of our clients. For detailed questions on accompanying topics of financial planning, we have access to a network of experts who, with their specialist knowledge, can also work out excellent solutions in special cases.